o3n Male and Female UMA Races

o3n Male and Female UMA Races.

Click here for WebGL demo.

If you want to know the content available (or upcoming) for o3n Races check the patreon page here. Better yet become a patron and decide what’s next.

Blender file for content creation is available for download here. And textures here. (Put textures in the same directory with blend file)

Version Details (1.13)

  • Fixed the skin weights for the ears. (Support for pointy ears. It should resolve the issue with elf and orc races)

Version Details (1.12)

  • Edited upper muscle DNA for better-looking shoulders.

Version Details (1.11)

  • Improved hand geometry and topology.
  • Slight changes to body topology.

Version Details (1.10)

  • Male and female child slider added

Version Details (1.9)

  • Skinning fix at chest area.

Version Details (1.8)

  • Small skinning fix at female knee back.
  • o3n Cloth material is now included to be used in cloth wardrobe items.

Version Details (1.7)

  • Added female ponytail hair.

Version Details (1.6)

  • FFS Variant SSS Skin shader with corresponding UMA material is added.
  • Updated textures to support the shader.

Version Details (1.5)

  • Unity 5.6.3 is required now per latest UMA update (2.7).
  • Added mesh hiding assets to female dress and female high heel shoes (advanced mesh hiding feature came with UMA 2.7)

Version Details (1.4)

  • Added support for some extended races on basic clothing pieces.

Version Details (1.3)

  • Fixed texture issue with female stockings.
  • Added support for some extended races on basic clothing pieces.

Version Details (1.2)

  • Fixed a skinning issue with the high poly hands (both male and female)
  • Added a 3rd bone on the ears so pointy ears are possible.

Version Details (1.1) 

  • Added new wardrobe slot “Over Clothing”
  • Changed example wardrobe item “Hoodie”s slot to “Over Clothing”

Version Details (1.0)

  • Fixed thumbnails

Version Details (0.94 Beta)

  • Fixed trapezius bone skin weights

Version Details (0.93 Beta)

  • Fixed cheek DNA moving the opposite cheek in the wrong direction.

Version Details (0.92 Beta)

  • Reduced texture sizes to 2048 for some big files.
  • Improved textures (Albedo is now based on UMA base albedo).
  • Minimized the discrepencies between UMA Base UVs and o3n races’ UVs.
  • Mesh and skinning touch ups.

Version Details (0.91 Beta)

  • Textures reworked
  • Expressions added
  • Male muscular texture (wardrobe item) added


This package contains custom male and female UMA races created from base UMA meshes with an aim to provide better morphing ability and better looks. UMA is required for this package to work. UMA Steering group made this possible by giving “the” character framework to Unity Community.

Special thanks to Isbit Games who let UMA community to use their content from First Person Lover package on UAS (Their packages are here | and here)

How do I get set up?

  • Please remember to add the o3n folder to UMA Global Library by selecting UMA -> Global Library Window and dragging the o3n folder to the drop area in the window.
  • You can check the example scenes under o3n/o3nBaseUMARaces/Scenes/ for sample usage.
  • Race folders have Prefabs folders which contains prefabs that you can drag in to your UMA ready sceene (See example scene).

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