Morph 3D in Action 4 comments

This is a little character creation demo made with Unity using Morph 3D Male Lite and Female Lite characters. Demo is featuring runtime blendshape changes. There are some clipping issues with clothing especially for some sliders with higher values. Hopefully these would be fixed as Morph3D releases newer versions.

I am not an expert either with Unity or Morph 3D. Besides, there is currently a certain lack of documentation with Morph 3D especially about using the runtime API. This demo is created through trial and error.

For a tutuorial on how to change Morph 3D blendshapes at runtime click here.

For a larger player please click here.

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  • Anonymous

    Hi, do you know if you can add your own custom morphs???

  • Al

    Have you figured out how to export a morph3d model with clothes and changes? I have been creating characters for our unity game developer guy to drop into game but cant seem to send him the female or male model that works like a regular character asset.

    • o3n

      I think you can create a game object in editor with clothes. (By dragging the clothes in ContentPack Slot in inspector tab while male or female model is selected. Adjust the morphs, then create a prefab of the game object. Then game developer guy could use that prefab. In this case he would have to have all Morph3D stuff in his project though. I don’t think you can export a stand alone 3d model, at least not without a plugin designed for that anyway. But hey, I could be wrong 🙂

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